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Kye Kelley Lays Down Solid Pass in New “Showstopper” Nitrous Camaro Build + What’s Happening to “Shocker?”

Kye Kelley Lays Down Solid Pass in New "Showstopper" Nitrous Camaro Build + What's Happening to "Shocker?"

Due to some of the current health circumstances around the country, racing has been put on hold a little bit. Sure, COVID might’ve delayed things a touch. However, there are some racers that just aren’t letting it keep them down. While many remain unsure and events have been postponed, others are still hitting the track with a full head of steam.

One of the racers that has managed to make at least one outing is none other than Kye Kelley. Most of us have been itching to get back to drag racing in some sort of normal capacity. However, with an entirely new build in a nitrous aided Chevrolet Camaro, Kelley has probably been feeling that tenfold.

This time, “Showstopper” makes its official debut!

The Drag Racing Dirty South Style Facebook page was also on the scene (below) to show us the action as the Camaro was unleashed. This thing is looking and sounding like a complete monster as it digs down deep and rockets off of the line in a hurry. The Larry Jeffers Race Cars built Camaro can’t help but get us excited about what’s to come

At the end of the day, this session definitely proves to be one big tease. We have to say that we’re excited to see the car in action and how it’s going to do it against the opposition. However, I suppose that given the current circumstances, this test hit is still some pretty solid content to tide us over.

Kelley has definitely proven that he’s a name to watch for on the no-prep circuit. It’ll be interesting to see how he manages to pilot this new build. With new hardware, we’d guess that Kelley is probably going to be even stronger this season.

Oh yeah, and for those wondering, Kye did confirm on his Facebook page that Shocker isn’t going up for sale! – Check out!



Posted by Drag Racing Dirty South Style on Monday, June 15, 2020


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