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Kye Kelley Sets Up Dramatic Championship Finale, Closes in on Points Lead With Win in Florida

Some might know Kye Kelley as the multiple time cash days winner, racing against the best of the best on the streets. Others may recognize him from being the face of Street Outlaws: New Orleans. Furthermore, he has put together quite the reputation for his multiple wins on the no-prep scene. Those who are familiar with him know he doesn’t take kindly to losing and last season he dealt with it a lot.

Kye had a rough first season with No Prep Kings even though he did take home one main event win. Unfortunately, for the racer, season 2 was pretty brutal as well. He struggled to race his way in at just about every event. Furthermore, Kelley had the worst showing of his racing career. It happens. It was one to put in the books and never look back on.

This season, with the help of a girlfriend, Lizzy Musi, and her dad, legendary Pat Musi, Kye has begun to turn things around. His program started off pretty hot with Kye going rounds in the first race of this year’s season 3 of No Prep Kings. This included Lizzy coming in and winning a couple of events herself in their other car, “Aftershock.”

This propelled her to a tie in the points standings with Ryan Martin.

Kye hadn’t exactly seen the same success as Lizzy but consistency is key. He has managed to consistently go rounds this season. This led him to the race at Palm Beach International Raceway. PBIR was a new track with a new climate. Those who know tuning understand how difficult new climates can be. However, when adversity strikes, Kye seems to thrive in these conditions. When all was said and done, Kye managed to take home a $40,000 payday from PBIR alone. This would also give him a jump in points as Ryan Martin, the current points leader, was eliminated early.

For those who recall, Martin has always lingered near the top. He has been close enough to almost taste victory as he had been runner up in both of the first seasons. It looks like he is on track to place near the top this year as well. We smell a fiery finish coming to life, here!

Only time will tell how this one ends up landing. With the end of the series wrapping up October 25-26 in Ennis, TX, the competition is going to be heating