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Kye Kelley Takes on Tear Down of the Musi 959 Between NPK Events.

When fans tune in to Street Outlaws or make their way to the drag strip to see an event in person, what they witness is a very small percentage of the effort that goes into making a racing machine sing.

Sure, a day at the track can be filled with lots of work. You never know what’s going to break and what sorts of repairs are going to have to be made to your ride on the spot along with all of the routine maintenance that needs to be carried out on race day.

However, as we see this time, we check in with Kye Kelley as he shows us what it’s like behind the scenes a little bit. In this particular YouTube video, Kelley takes on the Musi 959 to tear it down and rebuild.

For those who are wondering what went wrong, well the answer is nothing, fortunately. With more powerful cars like this that are pushed to the limit, the engine needs to be taken apart and assessed every once in a while just to make sure that there are no issues that could cause catastrophic failure.

In this particular instance, we’re told that the engine in question needed a couple of new piston rings before being put back together and readied for action once again.

Down in the video below, we get a unique opportunity to hang out behind the scenes. Prior to everybody having their own vlog channel, being able to drop by and see the effort that goes into making a racing operation successful was nearly impossible.

Fortunately, though, on the Kye & Lizzy YouTube channel, we could take a little bit of a peek behind the curtain to see just another piece of the puzzle that shows us how these machines are so effective on race day.

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