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Kye Kelley vs Lizzy Musi, Fiance vs Fiance For $15,000 at No Prep Kings

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a little bit of a friendly rivalry to get the adrenaline flowing even more in the heat of the battle. In this particular case, we head out to the No Prep Kings Great 8 where the action is nothing but competitive and unfolded in such a way as to provide us with an interesting storyline for the final round.

This time, we follow along with a vlog video from the Kye Kelley Racing YouTube channel. Kelley takes us along for the ride as he goes head to head with Jerry Bird and Robin Roberts, winning each race and inching his way closer to the $15,000 prize in the winner’s circle.

However, in the final round, Kelley would find his strongest opponent yet. All eyes were on the action as the racer faced off with his fiance, Lizzy Musi for the win and the cash. We would guess that the nature of their relationship brought other implications to the face-off as well.

In a situation like this, some might wonder if one competitor or the other would back off. However, prior to the race, Kye tells the camera “I’m here to race for a points championship and whoever is against me is going down.” It was right then that we all knew we were in for quite a treat.

We won’t spoil the surprise for you but what we will say is that the final round ended up being the closest race of them all.

One of these two is coming home to the other with another $15,000 in their pocket. We can’t help but wonder if that $15,000 gets shared or if it serves as a platform to really bolster those bragging rights. I mean, what good is a relationship like this if you can’t talk a little bit of smack every now and again behind the scenes?