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Kye Kelley VS Tuff Enuff Grudge Race at Redemption 6.0

Just two weeks ago, most of us thought Kye Kelley’s 2016 season was done when he crashed hard into the guard rail at Hub City in the finals of the Dirty South No Prep event. The damage to the car wasn’t catastrophic, but it was bad enough to require a new front half, new wheelie bars, and a lot of new body panels, among other things.

Kelley, never one to shy away from a challenge, hauled the car to Chris Kline, where Kline and his crew set in on The Shocker without haste. The cut the damaged front half off of the chassis and tabbed up a new one, built a brand new set of wheelie bars, and got all of the new bodywork modified and mounted in a span of 14 days. Kline’s guys even came in on Thanksgiving to help get the project completed before Redemption 6.0 last weekend at Tulsa Raceway Park.

Right off the trailer, the car ran great, so when the opportunity came to line up with infamous trash-talker Tuff Enuff and his blown Chevy Nova, Kye gladly obliged. The Shocker laid down a killer run, right down the track, while Tuff was dead late off the line and drifted toward the centerline about halftime and had to lift, ensuring Kye got the win and the $5000 for his efforts!