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Start em young! 24 volt power wheels drag car holeshot testing!

There’s nothing quite as fun as getting your kids involved in drag racing at an early age. For some, this means frequent trips to the dragstrip, for others it means buying a junior dragster and for others, it means customizing a Power Wheels to look and run like a full-on drag car!

This proud dad has taken the latter approach and totally tricked out his son’s Mustang Power Wheels with a “bigs and littles” wheel combo, wheelie bars, and possibly the coolest custom rear wing to ever grace one of these plastic hotrods! And of course, without a bump in the battery department, none of these upgrades would really matter, so this mini Mustang is boasting a full 24 volts of power, double the “stock” output.

Add up all of these mods and you have one truly cool little starter car for the future drag racer. And what better time than the present to go ahead and give the little guy some practice time to do some burnouts and test launches in the garage! That’s right, it has enough power to spin the tires, and when it does grab traction, you can see just how fast the little Mustang is, as it launches aheads with impressive speed! This is definitely one of the coolest Power Wheels we’ve ever seen, and we hope to see more of these soon!