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Kye Kelley’s “The Shocker” Bounces back after nasty crash, and wins!

Just a few short weeks ago, Kye Kelley’s girlfriend, PDRA Pro Nitrous competitor and world record holder Lizzy Musi smacked the wall in his famed Shocker Camaro after accidentally engaging the transbrake down the track. It’s a mistake that’s certainly easy to make and has happened countless times, and thankfully Lizzy was uninjured in the incident.

The same couldn’t be said for Shocker, though. The car was heavily damaged and looked to be down for the count. Never one to throw in the towel, Kelley loaded up the banged-up third gen and headed to the House Springs, Missouri shop of Larry Jeffers. Jeffers, a well-known and respected chassis builder, set about thrashing to repair and replace the damaged chassis while Kye continued making appearances with his new late model Camaro known as Aftershock.

This weekend, Kye headed back to Missouri to pick up the repaired Shocker, picking it up just in time to head east to Knoxville Dragway, where he had a match race lined up with a local racer known as Johnny Bracket. As you can see, Jeffers did a hell of a job setting up the suspension on the newly-repaired Camaro, as it went straight down the eastern Tennessee strip like it hadn’t missed a beat.

The video, which was shot from the stands, also takes the #1 spot on our shortest videos list, clocking in at just 8 seconds from beginning to end. But as you’ll see, when the car goes straight down the track like it’s riding on rails, it doesn’t take too long to get the message across.

From the instant the tree flashes green, Kelley jumps out to a big lead and drives clean out of Johnny Bracket’s life, leaving putting a gap on him by the time they pass the camera and continuing to pull away through the 1/8th mile, even though the cameraman had a hard time keeping Shocker in the frame. Look out, No Prep, the Shocker is back and looking to jump back into the fray!