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Kye Kelly’s Photo-Finish VS Justin Swanstrom | Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

One of the fun things about watching Street Outlaws is watching budding rivalries grow. Over time, all competitors are working to make their rides go faster and faster. Therefore, while one might get off to a hot start against the other, it could only be a matter of time before the person who lost the first race is coming back with a new combination and looking for blood!

This time, we check in a little bit of a friendly rivalry between No Prep Kings standouts Kye Kelley and Justin Swanstrom as they throw down on an episode of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.

In this particular battle, the cameras follow Swanstrom to set up the action when he tells fans that he likes to gamble. Therefore, to make things a little bit more interesting, $500 is put on the table in a grudge race to see who has what it takes to outrun the other.

It seems like before the race gets going, Swanstrom finds himself in the old fashion conundrum that lots of drag racers face. He wants to make his car as fast as possible because he knows that his opponent here is a top-tier competitor. However, he doesn’t want to add too much power to the equation which would effectively make the car lose traction and guarantee that he wouldn’t take home victory.

Below, we check in with this race that ends up being a neck-and-neck affair all the way to the finish line. Even though one of these competitors has to go home the winter and the other is going to be upset to know that they lost, we would have to say that after watching a race like this, both Swanstrom and Kelley have one another’s number out there on the racing surface.