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Kyle Busch Rear Ends Pace Car Piloted By Dale Jr.

As the pages on the calendar continue to turn, you see you favorite athletes across sports come and go from the scheme of competition. If they’re versatile enough, some of them are able to continue on to have a career in the industry that breathed life into them in the first place. With a name like “Dale Earnhardt Jr.” you know that we’re going to see a lot from him in NASCAR racing in some capacity, that is, if he should choose to continue on in the sport, contributing to its growth in some other way than competing on race day.

Now, as it turns out, in this particular situation, it appears as if one of NASCAR’s most popular former drivers is back in the mix and on the track, not as a competitor, but instead as a pace car driver as Junior hops behind the wheel of a brand new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and leads all of those roaring race machines to the green flag to get things going. While this is something that you’d think would be able to go down without a story, it turns out that a headline managed to wiggle its way out of the competition with Earnhardt’s name all over it.

As is generally a tradition, Kyle Busch decided to sneak up on the rear bumper of the pace car and give Dale a little bit of a nice little “Welcome back” love tap as to show his appreciation. It’s something that might otherwise go unnoticed but is definitely something that fans of the sport will be able to appreciate as one of the drivers of today pays a small bit of homage to one of the names that will go down in the history books as a part of the greatest legacies to ever be left on the sport.