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Lady Crashes And Then Forgets To Set Brake

Accidents happen to even the most careful and attentive drivers, mainly because other drivers are NOT being careful or attentive. And sometimes neither driver is paying attention, which is a sure recipe for disaster that is unfortunately all too common these days. One thing we can control, however, is how we react to a crash, although adrenaline and surprise may cause some of us to make bad decisions in the moments following a wreck.

We don’t really get a lot of context for this video, since it’s clipped too short to show what was going on leading up to the actual crash, but the crash itself is just a part of the bigger story anyway. As soon as her car comes to a stop following the crash, the driver does what most of us would do and exits the vehicle, presumably to check on the other driver and inspect the damage to the vehicles. The problem is, the forgets one very important detail and it causes things to go from bad to worse for her and her car.

The rattled drivers steps out of the door without putting the car in park, or setting the parking brake if the car has a manual transmission. As you can imagine, this is less-than ideal, and the dash cam captures the car doing what cars tend to do when they’re left without something to hold them in place: driving away on its own!

As soon as she’s out of the door, the driver realizes she’s got another problem on her hands, and does what almost everybody would do, pulling at the B-pillar to try to stop the car. The only problem is, the car is heavy and it takes a substantial amount of strength to stop a rolling car by hand. While many would have the presence of mind to jump back into the car and use the actual brakes to stop it, some of us would do exactly what she does and panic, watching the car roll until it hits another immovable object and comes to a crashing stop. Again.