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Lake Goers Manage to Sink Ford Raptor, Hellcat Jeep While Trying to Save Sinking Boat

You really can’t make this stuff up

For those of us who like to adventure, many have been stuck in some crazy situations. Perhaps one of those situations is driving a truck to a place where it’s pretty tough to get it unstuck from. Usually, a call to a friend with a winch or the towing company can fix the situation in a matter of a couple of hours.

This time, though, we checked in with some folks who appear to have driven themselves into a bad spot. The scene would unfold on Cedar Lake in Indiana and let’s just say that things got wild.

For starters, the person in question really got the day off to a bang. The first domino to fall, kicking off the sequence would be somehow managing to sink a wake boat said to be worth in the neighborhood of $300,000. The Pavati AL26 in the Instagram post below is believed to be the same one that went under that day.


However, that isn’t where the theatrics would stop. It would appear as if, in order to rescue the sinking boat, somebody deemed it necessary to drive their Jeep into the water to attempt to yank the vessel to land. Naturally, the same Instagram account features a white Jeep that looks eerily similar to the one spotted in the video.


Bear with us, though, because things keep on escalating from there.


Instead of just calling it a day and dialing up the professionals, apparently, these folks were determined. In order to pull the Jeep and boat combo out, the help of a Ford Raptor was enlisted. However, the person behind the wheel here also didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into.


As such, before long, all three of these machines are left to the mercy of mother nature.