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Lamborghini Engine Cut in Half Makes Huge Power!

When picking out an engine combination, we’re sure that most people have their favorites. It’s really something personal that will differ depending on who you ask. I know that I have a few combos that seem to be more appealing every single day.

Perhaps a big and growling V8 with lots of displacement is just what the doctor ordered. On the other hand, maybe a turbocharged inline 6 will help scratch that itch for horsepower. However, beyond what most would expect to make a lot of power, we find some engines that kind of slide under the radar. They find their way into the fold in a unique way. When you learn about them, though, we get a feeling you might not be able to look away.

In th world of Audi, with the Audi TT RS, we find a five-cylinder application that powers its way to a dominant place. It might not be on the shortlist of most common powerplants to dominate the streets with. However, when we dig into these things, we find that they really do have some massive potential. Some of their appeals is in the fact that not everyone is building them. They do really find a way to shine in the right hands, though.

This time, we were able to get up close and personal with one of the cars. Out of the box they made less than 400 horsepower. However, with a little bit of aftermarket love, that’s really just the beginning of the party. In fact, with a bigger turbo from Pure Turbos, this time, we find one that’s making much more horsepower.

When the Pure Turbos TT RS made its way to our dyno, some of the crew didn’t know what to expect. However, when all was said and done, a couple of jaws were left on the floor, for sure. The engine might only be offering five cylinders. However, with this application, the car was able to muster up an astonishing power number that cracked over the 700 mark to the wheels.

This car definitely impresses on just about every axis!

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