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Lamborghini Revives the Countach in 2021 and it’s EPIC

Sometimes, there’s just something special about certain generations of automotive design that really sticks out and provides something special. When we think of the 1970s and 1980s, we think of a very angular and deliberate design for the supercar scene. It seems like every manufacturer from Ferrari to Lamborghini was getting in on this bold angular design and some of the results were incredibly interesting to look at, especially when we look at things through the lens of today’s design.

This time, Lamborghini has decided to take a little bit of inspiration from a mid-century classic, resurrecting the Lamborghini Countach nameplate. The resurrection comes as a 50th-anniversary homage to the vehicle that originally came out in the 1971 model year and inspired automotive culture through the 80s.

To celebrate the iconic design, Lamborghini will be releasing 112 units of a modernized Countach that has certainly received a technology update as well.

Lamborghini tells us what it’ll be powered by, unveiling that the machine will feature a hybrid system composed of a “6.5-liter, 780hp V12 engine, coupled with a 48-volt electric motor mounted directly to the gearbox providing an additional 34hp.” They continue that it “is the only example of Lamborghini hybrid architecture capable of creating a direct link between the engine, electric motor, and wheels to preserve the pure behavior of the V12, which with its combined 814 hp allows it to reach the extraordinary top speed of 355 kmh (220 mph).”

To complete the ultimate machine, the Countach will consist of a lightweight design with a monocoque frame and body that are composed of carbon fiber. To bring the Countach into the new era, we even see some 3D printed parts thrown in the mix as well. That’s certainly some sweet icing on the cake!

Below, the Countach is unveiled in all of its glory. Lamborghini talked about the release, saying, “We’re excited to launch our latest creation: Countach LPI 800-4. Rooted in an iconic and ground-breaking heritage, our newest Super Sports Car reshapes the automotive landscape. Countach: future is our legacy.”