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Larry Dixon makes a pass with a passenger in 2 seat Top Fuel Dragster

Top Fuel legend Larry Dixon Jr sent a bit of a shockwave through the racing world last year when he announced at SEMA 2017 that he was building a two-seat Top Fuel dragster. The car is basically the only option for a member of the general public to experience the thrill of having 10,000 horsepower power them down the drag strip, and Dixon’s revelation caused quite a buzz.

There was a bit of a hiccup just days after the car’s big reveal in Vegas after the NHRA suspended Dixon indefinitely. It turns out there was an issue with the chassis inspection tag on the car, but it seems that issue has been resolved in the months following the suspension.

At the recent ADRL tour stop at South Carolina Motorplex, Dixon rolled the car out and took one lucky lady for the ride of a lifetime. You can see in this footage taken from the track’s timing tower, the car looks basically identical to any other top fuel car with the exception of having an extra cockpit. As soon as the starter fires up the massive supercharged HEMI, you can tell the lady strapped into the car behind Dixon is in for the ride of a lifetime.

The powerplant roars to life and Dixon rolls up and lays down a nice smoky burnout to heat up the monster Goodyear slicks on the rear of the car. He backs up carefully and begins the staging process, guiding the car carefully into the beams with the help of his crew. With the car positioned just inches from the staging beams, Dixon’s crew backs away and leaves the rest to the veteran driver and his brave passenger.

Larry bumps into the prestage beams, pulls the high side lever to send the full flow of fuel to the engine, then stages. As the tree drops, so does the throttle and Dixon and his passenger roar down he 1/8th mile. The car loses traction around halftrack and Dixon has to pedal to calm the tires, but still manages an exhilarating 3.8 second run.

Would you strap into this ride and take a shot at feeling the ridiculous acceleration of the quickest-accelerating cars on the planet?