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Las Vegas Motor Speedway Goes Four Wide For NHRA

Construction is underway! If you are in the Las Vegas area and have been dying to see racing go four wide as we seen have at zMax Dragway in Charlotte, then rejoice! The four wide racing format is on its way to Las Vegas Motor Speedway to expand the already existing track to the doubled up format.

The rumor for this kind of competition in Vegas has been circling around the water cooler for quite some time and now, thanks to some success in Charlotte with this racing format, that will finally become a reality as the folks behind the complex at Las Vegas Motor Speedway have seen enough success to throw in their hard earned dollars and give this one a shot!

Now, other than the obvious part of having four cars able to go up against one another at the same time, throwing 40,000 hp down the track at once, what are some of the other benefits of the four wide racing format that could be positive for the NHRA in the long haul? Well, you see, according to John Force, the winner of the inaugural four-wide race in Charlotte, due to the speed at which these events go through cars in the staging lanes with double the number of machines being sent down the track at the same time, teams are forced to make decisions and adjustments more quickly which could mean a tougher challenge for racers and a better show for the fans.

While, in a traditional racing format, they would have the chance to observe and see how cars are interacting with the track, in this format, teams are sometimes left to make adjustments just moments before staging on the starting line! You can see how this would escalate the competition.

It really seems like this format could be another way that the NHRA is throwing a fresh and exciting twist into the way that we race. The video down below should describe a little bit more in detail about what you should expect when four wide racing goes live in Las Vegas. What do you think of this new found excitement out in the desert?