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Street Outlaws Shane in the Blackbird Vega Crashes and Hits The Wall in Bristol TN!

It’s really the one experience that no racer wants to be a part of or see any of their fellow racers go through. Crashing a car is something that we would rather pretend wasn’t a thing altogether but, unfortunately, over here in reality, crashes happen all the time and you really have to feel for drivers who have to go through such a situation. Unfortunately for Shane and the Blackbird Vega, the car and driver combination that you might have seen rocking the streets on Street Outlaws, he knows that feeling all too well. Earlier this year, we watched Shane make a valiant comeback from a brutal wreck that he went through and now, we watch him go down once again.

The lights were shining bright and the pressure was on as Shane and Big Chief lined them up next to one another, ready to blast their way down the strip and try to take home the win. In a race that’s this high profile, you can bet that the drivers are willing to push it a little bit further and this time, when all of those elements came together in just the wrong way, something simply had to give and unfortunately, it was the Blackbird that went through yet another crash situation. Fortunately, this time wasn’t as bad as Shane’s prior wreck but any crash is definitely something that really sets you back, no matter how small it might seem from the bleachers.

The video down below shows aerial footage that gives you a clear perspective of exactly what happened during this race to make Shane lose control and end up colliding with the wall after skidding across the track. After a situation like this, especially with all the chapters that have unfolded in Shane’s story so far, you can’t help but feel for Shane. We here at Speed Society are wishing the Blackbird Vega a speedy recovery and hoping that Shane, as he went uninjured, returns to the track as fast as he possibly can!