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Laser Removes Engine Oil, Grease And Dirt… Badass Technology

If you’ve ever wrenched around under the hood of a car that has seen lots of road use, you can testify to the fact that sometimes, things can tend to get a little bit gross down there with lots of mileage. With all of the grease and build up that you see on the outside and inside of the block alike, it can really take a lot of time and patience to clean everything up, making sure that you make your work nice and presentable. However, as we move on in and people come out with more and more methods to do all kinds of jobs, cleaning up is one of those jobs that might just be be getting a little bit easier as time goes on.

Instead of taking on the job by using lots of elbow grease and the right tools or even a chemical that does really good job of eating through the dirt, this time, we take a look at somebody who decides to clean up the engine block by using none other than a laser. That’s right, in order to clean up the base of the power for this vehicle, this individual got to cleaning up their block with the use of some futuristic technology that I don’t think too many of us ever thought that we would see within our lifetimes. Watching it is nothing short of amazing as we all get to see how this laser really breaks out the muscles and breaks down that dirt down like it’s absolutely nothing.

Follow along in the video down below that will take you through the process that brings out these new and unique tools and put them to the test, showing you what the future of parts washers might just look like. Before long, we aren’t going to have to invest any type of physical labor into working on our vehicles at all if things keep improving at this rate! After following along with this little demonstration, be sure to tell us how ready you are to work with something like this laser when it comes to cleaning up your ride.