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Last Person to Remove Their Hand Keeps the Lamborghini

At this point, honestly, we aren’t exactly sure how Mr. Beast is still operating at a profit.

Sure, we get the business model. Giving away lots of money and high dollar possessions from YouTube earnings has yielded him even more views. It’s pretty smart when break it down and think about it. Investing earnings back into the YouTube channel has done nothing but grow the empire and make it much more profitable. However, as he continuously gives away tens of thousands of dollars per video, it really makes us wonder how much this empire is really worth.

In the latest Mr. Beast video, we get to see yet another interesting competition. In this one, he’s giving away a Lamborghini. This isn’t the first Lamborghini that we’ve watched Mr. Beast give away, either. Just last year we would watch as a scavenger hunt would lead to another Lamborghini being given away.

In this one, the model is simple. Mr. Beast draws a little bit of inspiration from an old game show trope. It’s one of those ideas, though, that is always fun to watch no matter how many times it plays out. Simply put, all five competitors here have to place their hand on the car. The last one to remove their hand gets to have a Lamborghini of their own.

By following along with the video below, we watch the challenge unfold. When thinking about something like this, it’s easy to say that we would win such a contest. After all, all you have to do is keep your hand on the car, right? Well, after a while, things start to get a little bit more complicated than that. After tuning in to this one, we think that some might just change their tune on how successful they think they would be with such a competition.

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