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Late Model Trucks Put To The Test, Chevy vs Ford vs Dodge Throwdown

Whenever we get a chance to see Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge go head to head, we can’t help but want to peek at the results of their testing. No matter what kind of battle they’re being put through, you’ve just got to peek to see not only who is winning in these kinds of tests but also what the different metrics are that those who are conducting the tests have come up with in order to try the vehicles out and take them to the limits. Are they fair? Do they favor one vehicle over another?

This time, it’s the trucks squaring off in a series of tests to see which is toughest, well, at least when it comes to being able to drive in tough conditions that might provide an incline or some sort of terrain that’s going to strain the frame on your truck, should you decide to go grab one of these late model brutes.

For what it’s worth, it looks like GM is putting the test on, but the results are hard to argue with. We check it out as the Ford F-Series, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram throw down in a climbing traction contest and flex contest to see which is the most rigid and how they respond to these conditions that are said to have been designed to simulate situations that maybe you’ll encounter when you head out to the elements. After all, you do buy a truck for its utility but that utility won’t be very much good if you end up getting stranded in the process.

Check out the trucks squaring off in the video below and tell us what these tests mean to you. Are they relevant to the way that you use your truck every day? Could one of these tests sway your opinion when it comes to buying one truck over the other?