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Lewis Hamilton Driving Justin Bieber in Laferrari in Beverly Hills

On the track or in the streets, a car like the Ferrari LaFerrari definitely is one to draw a crowd and this time, we check out one cruising through the streets, a car that belongs to Justin Bieber and is currently being driven by F1 driver, Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis certainly gives the cameras a treat as he navigates through the streets and gets on the throttle, uleashing a bellow from the exhaust that certainly is one of a kind and truly is a treat for the ears as the heart of the Ferrari sings through the streets!

Check out the video below that shows off the car making its way through town below and tell us what you think of this monster. If you want to turn heads and you have to pick out a car to do it in then there might not be a better vehicle in the world to be seen in!


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