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LISTEN: At 10k+ RPM Triple Rotor RX-7 Absolutely Screams

When taking a look through the landscape of performance applications, there is a lot to choose from. Among the many engines available, one of the beautiful things about them is that they all can be outstanding in different areas. For example, when we look at rotary engines, one of the notable features here is that they’re able to crank out major RPM. This means that the engine is spinning faster than the vast majority of the other performance applications that we will see out there. The sound that goes alongside that is nothing short of incredible. It also opens the door for different performance benefits

This time, we check out a Mazda RX-7 equipped with a 3 rotor in action. When the driver lays into it, this thing is really belting out some serious rotations per minute. When all said and done, we’re told this thing cracked 10,500 rpm. For those who have never heard a rotary engine of this magnitude, they need to tune in here and check this one out. This thing certainly has some muscle to go alongside all the commotion. It almost looks like the rotary power moves the car around effortlessly as it skates around the track with an absolute vengeance. Every time it gets a little throttle, the car sounds insanely angry.

By following along with the video down below, we get a front row seat to this action. We get a feeling that no matter what corner of the performance world each viewer is from, pretty much everyone will find a way to show a little bit of appreciation for such a crazy setup. It’s not every day that we hear screaming like this! There’s something about this one that gets the adrenaline going and makes us want to go for a spin! Be sure to crank those speakers up and get the feeling for yourself!