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Mini Scale Kenworth Semi Cruisin’ the Streets

Mini Scale Kenworth Semi Cruisin’ the Streets

Everyone has different hobbies, but we can’t say that too many are as neat as this one. This time, we check out a hobbyist who took it upon himself to build a scaled down Kenworth semi truck and trailer that he cruises around town!

You have to admit, this creation is pretty darn innovative. That’s saying a lot when coming from the people that stare at the internet all day and have seen way more than our fair share of odd creations. We’re not sure if the mini semi is street legal or not, but then again who cares! We’d putt around in it even if it wasn’t!

You can really get a sense of how small this truck is when it pulls up next to a street sign and gets dwarfed. All is good though because the chick magnet that comes standard from the factory more than makes up for it!

As sweet as this ride is already, we know we’re not the only ones plotting a v8 motor swap in the future. If you were to come upon possession of a scaled vehicle such as this one, what power plant would you implement should money not be an object? A Ferrari v10? A Chevrolet V8? Something else?