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LIVE OKC 405 Garage Talk, Behind the Scenes of Season 14.

It seems as if, no matter how accomplished one might get in the world of wheels, at our core, we all truly appreciate the same simple things. Whether it’s the feeling of horsepower hitting you in the face when you take off from the starting line or just a simple night hanging out in the garage and shooting the sh*t with a couple of buddies, these basic yet incredibly gratifying moments are why many enthusiasts partake in the hobby on some level.

Fortunately, through the power of technology and social media, fans are able to join in on these cool moments on a level like never before with some of their favorite racers.

In this particular situation, we get a unique opportunity to go behind the scenes on Daddy Dave’s Facebook page with himsellf and a couple of familiar faces from the 405. This isn’t necessarily a professionally put together podcast or anything like that but instead just a gathering of the minds as the guys have a little bit of a chat under a car lift. The crew seems to talk about everything that they would likely normally talk about if the cameras weren’t on.

Below, we check in with the conversation that covers all sorts of different topics. If this one begins to sound familiar, it’s probably because a similar conversation has been had in a wide variety of garages around the country time and time again. It’s the old school traditions like these that will never go out of style and really pull together the community to make the whole grind of operating a race team worth it.

Pull up a seat and grab a little bit of popcorn because this hour-long garage session is going to cover a lot of topics that we think you might just want to hear about.