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Living Large: Porsche Design Tower Elevates Life Of Luxury In Miami

Alright so just the other day we brought you a look at “The One” a massive, ultra-luxurious mansion being built high above LA’s posh Bel Air neighborhood. While that half-billion dollar estate is certainly a spectacle to behold, there are some ridiculously badass homes available on the opposite side of the nation as well. Not nearly as big, at least as far as the individual units go, the apartments in the Porsche Design Tower appear to be pretty on-par with The One, at least as far as opulence and beauty go.

However, for us, and for most of you watching this who are into the automotive world like we are, is the ridiculously badass automobile elevator. That’s right, instead of having a parking garage or lot like a typical apartment building, the Porsche Design Tower has a unique – and patented, as the video points out – central elevator that takes car and occupants directly to their floor of residence. They don’t even have to deal with those pesky buttons, as the driver will have a special transponder in the car that tells the elevator exactly which floor to take them to without any operator input.

Talk about the ultimate way to arrive back at home for the night. You and your lady – or man – pull into the elevator. It clamps down your wheels and waits until you turn off the engine, then whisks you away to your floor, all while you sit back and simply enjoy the ride. Once you’ve arrived, the car is released and you’re free to drive into your own little parking area, just feet away from the door to your very on luxury apartment.

And don’t think for a second that just because these are apartments that they’re anything but over-the-top swanky. Just take a look at the 20,000 square foot penthouse that’s available for a cool $32.5 million. If that’s a little rich for your blood, there are other units available for just $6.5 million, so most of you can pick that up easily I’m sure.