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Lizzy Musi Crashes Brand New No Prep Car Moments Before Kye Kelley Proposes

Sometimes, life can have a way of throwing you a curveball. One moment, you’re on top of the world and the next, things can come crumbling down in a hurry. Not only is this true with real life but it’s also incredibly true on the drag strip. In fact, we might almost argue that it’s much more likely that the roller coaster ride of emotions happens out there on the strip. One can never really know what’s coming in the span of a single race day.

In her most recent outing, Lizzy Musi would end up running into quite the roller coaster ride of emotions for sure. Upon entering the big tire class at No Prep Kings, Darlington, Musi would step to the plate with her new Camaro build. This was one that we were all definitely excited to see as we outlined it here a couple of weeks ago.

However, sometimes, things just don’t go your way.

While no crash on the strip is optimal, seeing it happen so shortly after a brand new build comes together is really all the more disheartening. All of the time and effort invested to not end in a decent showing with such a highly regarded build is a bummer, to say the least. Sometimes, though, that’s really just the way the game unfolds.

The bright spot here is that Musi did end up walking away from the incident. However, while we wish that we could say that the car only suffered minor damage, that just isn’t the case. After the machine slid out of the groove and into the wall, it definitely took a pretty good lick.

This isn’t where the roller coaster ride would stop, though, as Musi still had a little bit left in her day at Darlington. Fortunately, though, this downward twist on the roller coaster was about to come back up again.

After what had to feel like an all-time low, Lizzy would be treated to a surprise that we would think changed the tone of the day entirely. After the race, Musi’s long-time boyfriend, Kye Kelley, decided to propose. Lizzy said yes!