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Lock Picking Expert Shows How Easy it is to Break Into Late Model (2020) SUV

Those who are familiar with the creator by the name of LockPickingLawyer they’ve seen our host pick all sorts of different locks and raise a little bit of concern. Frankly, the creator has unearthed the fact that some of these locks that are designed to keep our valuables safe aren’t very secure at all. Instead, many locks seem to be nothing more than a simple deterrent that doesn’t have much strength to protect what’s behind them.

Apparently, a lot of these things are so simple to pick that, with basic tools and just a couple of seconds, any common thief could manage to get away with whatever the lock is securing. After picking tons of locks on his YouTube channel, the Lawyer has even found himself with legal action against him from a top lock manufacturer.

The lawyer has also come under scrutiny from some viewers who think that putting this sort of information out there is going to provide a valuable lifeline for criminals. However, others argue that creating something like this just keeps the lock creators more accountable for their actions and creates a push for a better product.

In any case, it seems as if our host has decided to move on from simple padlocks to other sorts of security devices. In this particular demonstration, we see exactly how difficult it is to unlock the door of a 2020 Toyota RAV4.

With the help of a handy tool, it only takes a couple of short minutes for LockPickingLawyer to start making progress. Eventually, he does manage to crack the lock. Naturally, newer vehicles like the 2020 model year Toyota that this unit came out of are going to have other sorts of security measures like alarm systems. However, depending on how one looks at this video, watching a demonstration like this could be a little bit concerning for those who take their safety and security seriously.

Following along with the video below, we check in with the demonstration that shows us exactly how easy it might be to break into a common automotive door lock.

So what do you think? Are these videos helpful for everyone or should they be taken down for benefitting criminals?

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