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Locked N’ Loaded: Chevy Pickup Truck Heads To Almost 400 mph!

I would be inclined to say that the need for speed is a spectrum. Not everybody needs to hop behind the wheel and go 200 mph or more in order to satisfy that itch for adrenaline. However, sometimes, it does actually turn out that just sinking your teeth into the need for speed at all eventually escalates to a level where things get pretty intense. It just so happens that, in this situation, we ride along with somebody who really took things to the extreme and we’re loving watching every single second of it as he blasts to speeds that might just warp your mind.

With 12,000 jet propelled horsepower on tap, this Chevrolet S10 replica that goes by the name of “Flash Fire” is probably faster than the vast majority of trucks that you’re going to come across because, well, to be fair it’s kind of just a shell that looks like a truck with the heart of a monster.

After a long career of always being involved in motorsports in some capacity, the owner of Flash Fire, Neal Darnell, decided that he wanted to do something different and by doing something different, he would get wrapped up in the test of ultimate speed that would be able to carry him to north of 300 mph, 375 to be more precise. Just imagine the rush of blood to the back of your head with those kinds of accelerations!

By following along with the video below, you’ll be able to observe exactly what a machine capable of such speeds looks like along with learning a little bit of how to make something like this work. After all, being able to accelerate quickly to speeds that almost touch 400 mph, in a safe way, isn’t necessarily going to be a walk in the park, now is it?