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Log Splitter Splits 12 inch Oak With 5 Horsepower Engine

We’re back with another log-splitter video. This one features a home-built splitter that may be a little slower than some splitters we’ve seen, but it has more than enough splitting power to power through the gnarliest logs.

It features a simple 5-horsepower engine like you might find on a small mower or pressure washer. The owner has connected it to a 3,000 PSI hydraulic pump with a big plate on the ram and a sturdy blade at the opposite end. Toss a section of log onto the ram and watch the pump make short work of the wood. Retract the ram, reload the tray, and split your halves into quarters perfect for use in the fireplace when the cold weather kicks in.

The rig is also built to be easy to break down and is easily portable, making up for its slower speed with an added measure of convenience and portability. There is also an optional attachment that funnels aluminum cans into the ram, allowing them to be crushed by the handful. This is definitely one of the better home-built splitters out there! Props to the owner!