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Look Inside How a 2020 Silverado Comes to Life on the Assembly Line

It’s pretty hard to hit the roadways these days without seeing a whole variety of Chevy Silverado pickups. It’s certainly one of the most common vehicles on the road. However, we would venture to think that most have probably never seen a Silverado in quite this format. It can be easy to take things for granted when we don’t see all the work behind how these machines came together.

Sure, we’re all familiar with the face of the Silverado. However, there we don’t know of too many who know what it looks like underneath all of those fancy panels. Within the beast, there are all sorts of different components that come together in order to make one cohesive picture. Lots of parts need to coordinate in order to make the truck do its job properly.

This time, thanks to the supercharged petrolhead YouTube channel, we get to take a look inside the production process. At the beginning, these trucks might not even be recognizable. The components within aren’t something that most people see every day. However, as we make our way through the video, we see the picture getting closer and closer to completion.

There are a lot of people and processes that are invested in making sure that trucks like the Silverado come together properly. In this one, we take a tour of the process from start to finish. From adding parts to the frame to the final inspection, this one gives us the whole ordeal.

By following along with the video below, we think that most will find that they will never look at a Silverado the same way again. Sometimes, it can be neat to really see what it is that makes these trucks tick! The next time that you look at a Silverado, it might just be with a different perspective!