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He Made A Lowrider Cake – The Detail Is Unbelievable

He Made A Lowrider Cake, And the Detail Is Unbelievable

Where it comes to how creative some people get with crafting cakes, the detail can be mind blowing. Just take for example this near 5-foot Chevrolet Corvette cake that we featured some time ago. It might not be the first thing that somebody thinks of when they think of art, however, don’t get it twisted. Creating a cake like this is nothing short of an art form. Not only does it take an eye for detail and incredible ability but it also takes a lot of patience. After watching something like this come together, I just imagine myself smashing cake everywhere in frustration. Luckily, it would probably be followed by eating the smashed up pieces.

In this video, though, luckily for us, there is no smashing of cake. Instead, what we see is an incredibly unique and detailed idea coming to life. As it turns out, these cake connoisseurs wanted to replicate the real-life phenomenon of a lowrider. As we of the car community know, lowriders are often equipped with hydraulics that allow them to bounce up and down. This was a concept that the cake creators wanted to apply to this project. It’s not difficult to see how something like that could be incredibly hard to execute, especially given the nature of cake and how it might come apart if it started bouncing up and down.

By following along in the video below, though, we check out the stressful moments that bring this detailed piece of food together. By using an airbag, they complete this goal successfully and leave us with something to look at that is nothing short of impressive. If there was a cake that we would love to have for a birthday here at the Speed Society offices, this one certainly knocked it out of the park.