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Of all forms of motorsports, besides my obvious favorite Drag Racing, I think truck and tractor pulling may be my next-favorite. These monsters share a lot of DNA with my beloved drag cars, but obviously have a much different way of putting their horsepower to use.

Both of these sports involve insane levels of horsepower, many different combinations of engines , and make a lot of glorious noise! In the drag racing world, the competitors work as hard as they can to reduce the amount of weight on their car and remove as many hindrances as possible to the car’s performance.

Truck and tractor pullers go about things a little differently.

One of the most obvious differences between the two is that these behemoths have the option of adding multiple powerplants to their setup, something very, very rarely seen in drag racing. They also compete on dirt, which serves to limit traction drastically, but makes for an awesome show when their massive tires sling the dirt in every direction. Then there’s the most obvious difference, the massive weighted sled that pullers drag behind them down their track. Depending on the class, the weight can be as much as 65,000 pounds, which makes it a little clearer why some of these tractors have multiple blown big block engines to help handle that massive burden.

This video, from MadRam11’s YouTube channel, features a full 11 minutes of nothing but badass footage featuring some of the wildest trucks and tractors in the world doing their thing. Pay close attention to the engines on these things. There are several different combinations and layouts, including one tractor that utilizes a trio of turbine engines (most likely from helicopters) to power its way down the dusty track.

If you have a local truck and tractor pull, I can’t stress strongly enough how much fun they are. Go, take a camera and watch the spectacle. You’ll be hooked, I guarantee it.