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Lucas Oil Speedway Pummeled By Massive Storm, Events Postponed

Lucas Oil Speedway Pummeled By Massive Storm, Events Postponed

Wheatland, MO was bombarded with quite the storm earlier this week. High winds surged through the area and left behind lots of carnage. For those who think that this area might sound familiar, perhaps that’s due to the fact that it’s home to Lucas Oil Speedway. The venue is home to a dirt track, off-road track, and a slick track. It’s also home to Lake Lucas where we see some intense drag boat racing.

On the heels of the storm, several people have been left in the hospital. It has also left officials at Lucas Oil Speedway to evaluate the damage that has been left behind. As winds ripped through the area, they destroyed grandstands, pummeled fences, and even sent a couple of trailers flying. Luckily, as one commenter on Facebook put it, those trailers can be replaced. People cannot.

In an official announcement, the speedway said the following: “A significant storm including a possible tornado has struck Wheatland, MO and Lucas Oil Speedway this evening. We are surveying the area tonight without any power and will know more in the morning. Please try to stay safe as the remainder of the storms pass through tonight. Please keep all involved in your thoughts and prayers as we evaluate the situation. We will provide updates on Tuesday morning as we are able to evaluate and assess the damage. Thank you for your patience in this difficult time.”

As of now, the facility has begun to push back its schedule. Even if they were able to get the racing surfaces clear, safety of the fans is obviously a priority as well. There will more than likely be thorough inspection that needs to take place before the gates open up again. With that in mind, the Show-Me 100 has been postponed. The event was scheduled to get underway on May 23 and make its way through Saturday. We will keep an eye out for more updates on the facility and the schedule.