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Machining Custom Front Brakes for an RC Car is Next Level

The world of remote control vehicles is definitely a unique one. For those who are really into the hobby, things could actually get rather custom. Sure, there is the option of just going and buying something off-the-shelf. On the other hand, though, some hobbyists really prefer to build their own custom creations. This could give life to something entirely new, just like a custom car with a unique vision. This time, though, it’s just scaled down a touch.

Let’s just say that custom work is definitely what you make it. One of the beautiful things about a hobby like this is that there are all sorts of different directions to go. If someone is more of a beginner and still wants to customize a machine themselves, there are plenty of off-the-shelf parts to fill that void. However, for the more advanced enthusiasts, things can really come alive when they create their own one-of-a-kind parts. We find this process incredibly interesting to watch.

Just like in the world of cars, the world of remote control vehicles watches one-off parts come to life. This time, we drop in on that situation as somebody really goes to the far end of the customization spectrum. In this one, we’re able to watch a braking system come to life. We aren’t just talking about assembly, either. This time, the system is machined from scratch.

In the video below, we get to follow along with the process that has a piece of metal turning into a brake rotor. This thing transforms right before our eyes! Before we know it, the entire assembly is coming together. It’s not just as easy as slapping a couple of parts together and calling it a day, either. Instead, in this particular demonstration, we watch as each part is crafted with precision and lots of care. – JohnnyQ90

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