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Somebody Made Bank at the Expense of this Dealer

It’s really a shame that there are people out there who have to take advantage of other people’s hard work in order to make their living. However, at the end of the day, crime is something at will probably never stop. It’s just something that puts you in a bad situation but, as the person who is on the wrong side of an ordeal like this, there isn’t much that you can do except seek out the solution through the proper avenues and hope that whoever did it comes to justice.

The victim here was not other than a GMC dealership itself. I’m not sure how something like this could happen with all of the security that a place like this is sure to have but, it looks like somebody with a little bit of experience hit this dealership and hit it hard, robbing the dealer for a whole selection of wheels and tires off of a barrage of GMC trucks. I would venture to think that all of those wheels and tires could probably bring north of $1000 for each set on the secondhand market. I’m no mathematician but that really adds up when you peek at all of the wheels that they’ve ripped off.

It’s quite the sight to see as a camera pans around the dealership and just about every Truck is left sitting on the ground with nothing beneath it. I’m sure that, with a big dealership like this, insurance will cover the expense but in the long haul, you know that someone is really losing a good amount of money here thanks to these criminals who just had to have their hands on all of these wheels and tires.

The video below showcases exactly what was left over after they hit this dealership. The sight of what was left behind might leave you in amazement. While this isn’t necessarily a welcome sight, it also happens to be a scene that you most certainly do not see every day.