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Magic Way To Bring Headlights Back To Life (Acetone Vapor Polishing)

In the world of automobiles, sometimes, there seem to be these nagging problems that they never get right. One of those problems is that over time, headlights sometimes tend to get a little bit foggy. With all of the abuse from the sun, it seems like it ends up being pretty difficult to come up with a plastic plastic coating that can keep the lenses safe and keep light streaming out of them as it should be. After a while, in addition to getting bad looking, all of that oxidation will also get a little bit dangerous as lights get dim.

Just like we see with other issues, because of this problem, an entire market has sprung up in response. There are all sorts of different polishes and chemicals along with coatings that are designed to keep lights alive. Some will argue that sanding needs to be done then others will have an entirely different philosophy on the matter. Long story short, no matter which way we look, somebody has some sort of different opinion on how to keep headlights clear. It really doesn’t seem like something that we’re going to be getting to the bottom of anytime soon.

In this video, though, we get a glimpse at somebody who has a little bit different idea to make it work. Now, many of these ideas simply don’t hold up to the test of the weather but this might be one of the most interesting resolutions that we have seen. In this video, we get to watch a process where essentially, acetone is turned into a vapor and directed toward a foggy headlight. Just by making contact with the lens, it appears as if the vapor is easily able to bring this thing back to life again.

Just like with anything else, we would look into the safety and possible repercussions of this one but it definitely seems to be a good place to start for headlight restoration.