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Magnus Walker Shows Off His Impressive Porsche Collection

It kind of boggles the mind to think of how somebody becomes passionate about a brand. For example, plenty of us can claim that we are enthusiasts of a certain automotive nameplate. In the scheme of things, one brand isn’t necessarily objectively better over another. We can argue about why one is superior until we’re blue in the face. There’s a great argument for being enthusiastic about any brand, though. However, one thing that we do all share in common as enthusiasts is that somewhere along the timeline, that interest was sparked. This spark could potentially lead to a lifelong passion.

Those who know Magnus Walker might know him for a variety of different reasons. Perhaps one of his most well-known ventures is that of fashion entrepreneurship. On top of that, he considers himself an author, builder, and collector. For those of us in the gearhead corner of the world, what we might know Walker the best for is his passion for automobiles. To elaborate just a little bit further, we would say that Magnus has really fallen in love with the Porsche.

In the video below, we get the chance to take a walk-through of the legend’s personal collection. He tells all in the interview with the folks over at Seen Through Glass about how he fell in love with Porsche what he strives for with his collection.

Just as a little bit of a taste of what he’s looking at here, Magnus talks about his goal to own just about a little of everything Porsche. Whether it’s a mid-engine or front-engine car with some different variation of design that the company came out west, Walker wants a taste of something from every corner of the company’s ideas. When it all comes together, it’s certainly a collection that needs to be seen to be believed. The current state of the collection can be found below.


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