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Samurais Aren’t Just For Off-Roading – World’s Fastest Samurai Runs 7.77 @165MPH

With a vehicle like the Suzuki Samurai, We wouldn’t exactly consider it a racing powerhouse. For what they were produced for, we think that many owners of these things would probably attest to the fact that they are a great little truck. For those looking to get around town or maybe modify them a little bit to go off-road, perhaps a lightweight Samurai could end up serving its purpose beautifully. For those looking to drag race, though, maybe it isn’t exactly the best platform to easily jump into and go fast. After all, with common death wobble issues, the modification bug would have to bite hard.

However, as gearheads, we tend to see things a little bit differently than most people. When we take take a look at something like this Suzuki model, perhaps we see something a little bit different. In turn, the  also lightweight status helps out big time. It just so happens that being lightweight is one of the key factors in making a fast drag racing machine.

Apparently, when Team Marrero saw a Samurai that they liked, their eyes lit up! What they built is certainly a far cry from the Samurai that originally rolled off of the assembly line. Instead, this mini truck is fitted with a rotary. The result is simply too fast to not turn heads. In fact, it ends up being the fastest rotary-powered Samurai in the world. When the pieces come together, they certainly make one heck of a statement.

By following along with the video below, we get to catch up with the vehicle in action at Atco Dragway. When the dust settles, the truck is able to crack off a 7.77-second pass at 165 mph! With such a short real wheelbase, it looks like the driver is doing a little bit of steering. From inside the cockpit, this absolutely has to be one heck of a wild ride for sure.