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How to Make Big Money Drag Racing Without Breaking the Bank

In the world of drag racing these days, there are different kinds of events that have massive draws. When we look to the races that have thousands of people on hand and even more watching at home, they’re usually a heads up format. The fastest racers are all duking it out with storylines to back it up. When the cars get this fast, the drama is at an all-time high. Therefore, there’s a lot more to sink your teeth into as a fan.

However, when it comes to heads up racing, it’s ridiculously expensive to get involved in most cases. With certain classes, the investment to compete might get lower. However, in most of these classes, it will still cost a good chunk of money to be able to take a shot at winning.

What a lot of racing fans might not know is that these classes pay out similarly to some that drivers don’t need to pull out a second mortgage for. When it comes to index racing, the playing field is really leveled out a bit. There are no records and it isn’t always the fastest that wins. However, where there is a competition there will be competitors.

Down in the video below, we check in with one index racer who is certainly cleaning up. In this format, it’s more about consistency than anything. Here he or she who can have the most consistent reaction and manage to keep it close to the 11-second or 12-second index could stand to take home some serious money.

Just like heads up racing, index racing takes a ton of practice and dedication. For the driver of this Pontiac Firebird Formula, he has definitely invested in just that. In fact, he has done it to the point where anyone who bets against him is just asking to have their money taken. – BigKleib34.