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Man Breaks Record for Longest Time Living Underwater

If things really went awry, could we theoretically live underwater for a while until everything cleared up above the surface? Well, one Florida professor, Dr. Joseph Dituri is currently in the process of finding out just that.

The professor is taking part in an effort called Project Neptune 100. This project is designed to combine medical and ocean research along with educational outreach as it pertains to how the body would react to living in a highly pressurized marine environment for an extended period of time.

Previous to this endeavor he has now surpassed 74 days underwater, the record for the longest stay under the surface was 73 days. Even though this standing record has been broken, Dituri seems determined to make it to the finish line of the goal. When all is said and done, Project Neptune 100 aims to have the professor underwater for 100 days. That’s over 3 months of solitary confinement beneath the surface of the sea without seeing another person in the flesh!

Below, we check in with the crew over at Inside Edition who gives us the rundown on how exactly this individual is doing everything from drinking coffee to making meals and even sleeping under the surface of the sea. It appears as if he even has an internet connection down there. When push comes to shove, this sort of isolation feels like the life that some dream of!

Who knows? With more research and development in this area coming to life, perhaps living under the surface of the water could be a very real option in the future. However, there are certainly going to be roadblocks to overcome. Dituri says that one of the things that he has missed most is the sunshine which is a big part of his life.

In any case, this is certainly something that this guy will one day be telling his grandkids about, that’s for sure!