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Saddam Hussein’s Yacht is Still Decaying in Waters Off Iraq

Fifteen years have passed since Saddam Hussein’s downfall, but remnants of his regime continue to linger in Iraq. Despite attempts to eradicate any symbols associated with the dictator, a defunct personal yacht is believed to be one of Hussein’s remains. Reports suggest that the dictator had ordered three yachts in 1980, but it is unclear if this is one of those vessels or another.

What is known is that American forces targeted the yacht in 2003 before it capsized and was eventually looted.

As a rescue mission to remove the remnants of the yacht would be too expensive, the vessel’s decaying remains have been left behind as a stark reminder of the fall of the dictator. The yacht is so large that half of it still protrudes from the water.

Over the years, the remains of the yacht have become a home to various forms of wildlife and the people of Iraq have begun to explore the area. Many enjoy fishing near the yacht or exploring the remnants of the vessel. Despite the yacht’s association with Saddam Hussein, some consider it to be a tourist attraction and a unique piece of history.

However, the fact remains that Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator responsible for countless atrocities. The presence of his yacht serves as a reminder of his tyranny, and the Iraqi people have worked hard to move on from this dark chapter in their history.

While the remnants of Saddam Hussein’s yacht serve as a haunting reminder of his brutal rule, they also stand as an oddly specific metaphor for his eventual downfall. In addition to being an interesting part of the landscape, we’re not sure that the symbolism could be any more literal than this ode to wealth that has since become nothing more than a rotting pile of junk.

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