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Man Builds His Own Repair Pit in His Garage!

If you’re a car guy, you definitely know the appeal that the opportunity to have every last tool in the catalog holds. When wrenching on your machine, you want to have as many tools as possible to make the job as easy as possible. For example, when you have a job that should be taking two minutes and instead takes 20, you’ll find the frustration that comes with not having a good enough set of tools. Therefore, there’s pretty much an endless cycle of wanting to pick up a new tool or gadget that could make your time in the garage easier or even more fun.

For most, in order to get underneath their car and get to work, some sort of lift to hoist the car into the air would be ideal. However, it looks like this person had a little bit something different in mind when it came to getting under his vehicle or vehicles to get a little bit of work done. Instead of lifting the car into the air, it turns out that he would take the opposite approach and lower himself down into the ground by creating a repair pit to give himself a vantage point from under the vehicle and roll it on top. Now, if you want to do suspension work or pull the wheels off of your car, this might not be the ideal set up, however, for most run-of-the-mill jobs, it will probably do just fine.

Check out the video below that shows off this custom garage setup and tell us what you think of the whole ordeal. After you see what this thing is all about, be sure to tell us if you would he willing to shell out the money to pick up one of these things for your very own space to be able to get under your cars to get to work. You can definitely see how something like this would be useful on a variety of different occasions.