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Man Catches Video of Couch Flying Off of High Rise, Almost Crushes Pedestrian

Imagine walking down a crowded street surrounded by tall buildings, when suddenly, a couch hurtles towards you out of nowhere, narrowly missing you as it smashes to the ground with great force. This was the reality for one pedestrian in a viral video that has been making the rounds online. Thankfully, the couch didn’t hit anyone and instead landed with a loud thud, completely flattened out on the sidewalk.

A storm was brewing near a high-rise building in San Francisco when a man inside decided to take out his camera and start recording. Little did he know, he was about to capture something incredible. The strong winds picked up the couch from a nearby apartment, sending it flying over the balcony as it became a projectile. The potential for damage was enormous, but luckily, it landed harmlessly on the concrete below, doing damage to nothing but the piece of furniture itself… and maybe the concrete!

Check out the video below to witness the couch that defied gravity and made us all nervous for a moment. Our host at Inside Edition also speaks with a roof safety engineer (yeah, that’s actually a real job!), who provides some valuable advice on what to do if you have outdoor furniture that might be exposed to high winds from time to time.

After this close call, the owner of the couch might want to take some extra precautions to ensure that this never happens again, that is, after they take a moment to figure out why their couch is missing from their balcony. Nobody wants to be responsible for causing harm or damage, simply because their couch decided to go for a ride. Certainly, this situation seems like a long shot but incidents like this is why it’s a good idea to go the extra mile with something like this.