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Man Filming a Drive Suddenly Realizes There’s a Tornado Following Him

Man Filming a Drive Suddenly Realizes There's a Tornado Following Him

In this one, we have to warn you that there’s a little bit of explicit language coming. Can you really blame the guy behind this video for cursing a little bit, though? After all, he had to have seen his life flash before his eyes.

The scene starts when a man by the name of Kyle Maxwell is listening to the radio as it spouts off an emergency report. In the report, there are warnings of inclement weather. As Maxwell listens, he actually learns that there is a tornado quickly coming in his direction. As the camera is rolling, pointed toward his face, we get to see firsthand what the reaction process looks like when somebody learns that they need to act fast. From there, thinking quickly is a necessity to get out of harm’s way.

Along the way, things escalate in a hurry. Before long, Maxwell realizes that he’s in the middle of a tornado and needs to get out fast! This includes trying to get through traffic. Essentially, it seems as if the tornado is chasing Maxwell. However, the other drivers don’t seem to realize that there’s a dangerous tornado chasing them down.

In a situation like this, there is surely a lot going on that could change one’s driving habits. There is some sort of balance between running away from a dangerous situation and pushing it too hard to the point where you would crash. Finding that happy medium while in a panic is easier said than done. Unfortunately for Maxwell, it appears as if he would eventually hydroplane on the slick road before going sideways.

It’s hard to say how exactly things go from there as the camera shuts off shortly after. Given that the video was eventually uploaded, though, we presume that the protagonist made it out in one piece.


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