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Man Orders Demon, Dodge Dealership Allegedly Sells it to Someone Else

If there’s one atmosphere that tends to make people uncomfortable, it would be that within the walls of a car dealership. Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of dealers out there just looking to make an honest buck. However, there are also dealers that give the negative stereotype a very good reason to exist. Many times, car dealerships can be a high-pressure environment where it’s “Every man for themselves.”

This time, we follow along with a story from a YouTube user that goes by the name of Sinister LifeHis real name is Kyle.

As his story goes, Kyle was in the market for a Dodge Demon when they first came out. When the car had been announced, it was one of the hottest releases in years. There were only 3300 units to go around. It doesn’t necessarily take an expert to see how the cars might sell for more than the sticker price. For those in the market, it was a scramble to find any dealer that would sell the car without massive markup.

Our host tells us that he would make his way to an eastern Michigan Dodge dealership by the name of Southfield Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. He would continue to tell us that this is where he was finally able to place an order for a Demon at sticker price. A couple of months later, the car would finally come in. This is where the story takes a turn, though. That “too good to be true” feeling finally showed its true colors. It was at this time that our host tells us that the dealer mentioned that the dealership owner’s brother had his eye on the machine.

It’s hard to verify if that was actually the case or not. The results were all the same, though.

Before Kyle knew it, the deal on the Demon that was built specifically for him had now fallen through. Next, he would get his deposit back in the mail after spending all that time waiting. He tells us that he didn’t much bother to follow up after all of the frustration.

With what we hear about the car sales industry, it’s not too far fetched to think that a dealer would sell a car from under someone to the highest bidder. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s all still rather frustrating.


We reached out to the dealership and have yet to receive a response.