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Man Pranked Into Jumping on a Random Car

We have seen a lot of people do a lot of things in the name of fame on the internet, however, every once in a while, we are thrown a curveball that really sticks out from the crowd and makes you wonder exactly what somebody was thinking. In this video, on most accounts from pretty much every perspective that you see pictured here, it doesn’t look like there is much thinking done at all. With something like this, it really shows you what some people are capable of and, well, what other people might not be capable of.

The scene is set at some sort of video game convention as a convertible sits in the display booth in order to promote some sort of game. As one prank YouTuber saw the opportunity presenting itself, he decided to go undercover, acting like he was, in fact, a part of the company whose booth it was, as he would end up getting some random guy to do the unthinkable. It’s pretty crazy that this dude just listens to a stranger so innocently and takes him at his word even when it’s pretty apparent, at least to us, that this guy has nothing to do with the company that is the true owner of this booth and the accompanying car.

If you follow along below, you’ll watch as this poor unsuspecting soul ends up jumping up and down on the hood of the car and even standing on the seats inside before security comes over breaks the whole thing up. I can only imagine that this guy had to be red with embarrassment as he got caught listening to somebody who was nothing more than a real-life troll. This is definitely how you put together an awkward situation if that’s what you’re really striving for.