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Man Selling ’70 Charger Destroys it Instead to Teach Lowballers a Lesson

For just about anyone who has tried to sell something, lowballers can be a real pain. Nobody likes the guy who calls up about a car for sale and offers half of the asking price. In fact, it can go so far as to be an insulting gesture. Unfortunately, it seems like there are a good portion of buyers who take on this tactic when negotiating.

Apparently, when a man by the name of Daniel was trying to sell his Dodge Charger, those lowballers managed to get to him. The car in question was none other than a 1970 Charger fitted with a 383 big block. Sure, it wasn’t in perfect shape and certainly showed some signs of age. However, it certainly looks like something that could provide a base for a lovely project. Perhaps, it could’ve offered up parts for other 1970 Chargers. Long story short, the car had some sort of value and apparently Daniel recognized that.

It appears as if the people who wanted to buy the car from him simply didn’t see eye to eye with Daniel, though. After a while, Daniel had enough. He couldn’t deal with the lowballing anymore. However, the way that he would deal with this is something that nobody saw coming.

Instead of simply unlisting the car or maybe trying again later, Daniel went to the extreme to voice his displeasure. With the use of some construction equipment, he would have the muscle car torn limb from limb. It seems as if his commentary in the video below infers that he’s teaching those lowballers some sort of lesson. Frankly, we think that he’s probably the only one who sees it that way.

In a day and age where everyone seems to be fabricating videos for viral purposes, we’re a bit cynical. We’ll let you check it out for yourselves and make the call.