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Man Transforms El Camino Into Batmobile Monster Truck, We Love It!

Sometimes, when you find the time to watch a movie, it might touch you in some sort of extravagant way. Sure, you might be able to just watch a movie once and put it down but at the end of the day, some of the fan favorites out there really figure out a way to capture the attention in more ways than one, making the movie live on past the screen as it carries over into other aspects of life. We’ve seen this in plenty of situations and Batman is certainly a prime example of how something like this might happen as all sorts of different memorabilia and even homemade creations come to life.

This time, we have seized the opportunity to check out the latter as this creator has taken it upon himself to take what used to be in 1973 Chevrolet El Camino and transformed it into something that any Batman fan would be proud to have in their garage. By creating the “Big Batmobile,” one man’s rendition of the car, Zack Loffert, of Littleton, Colorado would take the opportunity to seize the day, getting this thing to make you think “Batman” everywhere that you look, whether it be the massive bat emblems and black and yellow color scheme, featuring a Rhino Liner paint job or the massive 44-inch tires that look like they could make any mission a success.

The man behind it all sites the best part of being able to take part in a creation like this is getting to see the looks on the kids’ faces when Batman shows up in a machine that’s this wild. Being able to create something like this has to be an incredible experience but then taking on the opportunity of being able to share with the world, well, that’s something that is probably just about irreplaceable.