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Manual Transmission Cutaway Shows Visible Clutch Engagement

If you think about all that it takes to make automobile, one of the poetic parts of the whole thing is that there are really a ton of pieces that need to come together in order to make for a whole functioning car that will either get you down the road to where you need to get to or perhaps get you around the track to victory. In either circumstance, there are hundreds of components of an automobile that are functioning at the same time, in unison, all for one common goal and that goal is to make sure that your car is doing exactly what you expect it to.

While obviously, most of the time, you can’t really see most of what’s going on inside, certain animations might be able to help you visualize exactly what it is that’s happening in order to make your car function. For example, the clutch is something that you would never really be able to get a firsthand visualization of as it is in motion, for quite obvious reasons, however, thanks to the glory of the internet and all of the good people who upload videos to YouTube, we have videos like this that show us exactly that, essentially putting you inside of the transmission in order to give you a first hand view of what your clutch looks like as it engages and disengages over and over again.

If you follow along with the video down below, you’ll be able to check out the demonstration that essentially takes the liberty of cutting a window in the side of the transmission for the sake of seeing how the clutch works. It would appear as if the vehicle in question was pretty much a lost causing and these guys started cutting things up just to see if they could get a nice angle of the action and that’s precisely what they did here!