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Minivan Leaving Car Wash Tumbles Off Of A Ledge

How Not To Leave The Car Wash, Fail Of All-Time

There is one fact that looms over all of humanity. While sometimes, folks might find themselves in compromising positions, it’s important to remember that we are all human beings and we all make mistakes. Sometimes, things just don’t line up for people and that appears to be exactly what would happen during this display. It honestly looks like this is something that could happen to just about anybody and the results were incredibly disheartening. We couldn’t help but feel for whoever was behind the wheel during this one.

The scene was captured by nearby security camera at a car wash as a crazy sequence of events unfolded. Apparently, somebody wanted to get their family minivan cleaned up. As they exited the car wash, though, the driver would stumble their way into a situation that was anything but ordinary. As it turned out, a rather large ledge was waiting on the other side of the carwash. Said ledge would consume the minivan, taking out a fire hydrant in the process. As if this weren’t already a big enough scene with the minivan sitting upside down, water would be left spraying absolutely everywhere in the wake of the incident.

The video below shows the scene that day where this person was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. From the angle that the video is shot at, some people in the comment section even argue that it appears as if maybe some sort of depth perception issue occurred because of the layout of the driveway. Some are arguing that maybe the way that it’s set up makes drivers think that they could simply descend onto the roadway easily because of the lack of a railing next to the drop that spans several feet. After checking this one out, what are your thoughts on the incident?