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Massive Dukes of Hazzard Memorabilia Collection Fetches Big Time Money

As sure as companies are producing merchandise, there will be people collecting it. One of the unique things about collections is that we find them in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Some collectors are modest with their spending. However, others will invest huge amounts of money in whatever it is that tickles their fancy. Some of these things might be expected but others might be objects that we have never even heard of before. It’s truly amazing to see what some of the things are that people manage to have their attention caught by.

This time, we check in with the crew from Pawn Stars that surely have caught their fair share of all sorts of collections. After all, when somebody wants to unload their massive collection, one of the first places that they would probably go to is a pawn shop or a virtual pawn shop like eBay. Since the Pawn Stars have the widest audience of any pawn shop in the world, we’re sure that they have the most opportunity to buy.

In this massive compilation from the guys over at  Pawn Stars, we get to see the showcase of some of the most impressive collections to ever make their way through the doors of the their shop. Among them, we actually find lots of collections that have to do with automotive memorabilia. One of the prevalent collections that we find here just so happens to be based around the Dukes of Hazzard and all the memorabilia that went along with one of the most popular television and movie series that has ever been released.

We have to warn you because this one might just take up a half-hour of your time as you find a new hobby to start.